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Streamline Your Workflow: Obtain an End-to-End Development Environment in Minutes

Transform the way you work, freeing yourself from hardware constraints and accessing your development environment from anywhere with an internet connection.



Enhanced Collaboration Tools

D Flare offers a powerful suite of tools for seamless collaboration and accelerated development. Write code efficiently, collaborate effortlessly, and boost development speed.

Efficient One-time Environment Setup

Say goodbye to repetitive configuration tasks. Set up a project profile once, saving time and ensuring consistency for new developers onboarded to assigned projects.

Flexible Licensing

DFlare allows license flexibility. Bring your own licenses or seamlessly integrate licensing into the service, eliminating the need for separate keys. Focus on development without licensing roadblocks

Enhanced Security

Our solution prioritizes data security with BYOD support, application/API protection, access control, tracking, and secure collaboration. Stay protected and have peace of mind while focusing on your development tasks.

Why D Flare ?

Stay Focused, Let DFlare Handle Updates: Effortless Maintenance for Dev Environments Break free from hardware limitations and enjoy the flexibility of accessing your development environment and tools from anywhere with an internet connection. With DFlare, you can work on projects using different devices, collaborate effortlessly, and easily scale your resources as needed. Save time with rapid development setup, as pre-configured environments eliminate the hassle of manual tool installation and configuration. Embrace the future of development with DaaS and experience the freedom, efficiency, and productivity it brings to your workflow


Rapid Team Member Changes Made Easy with DFlare

Frequent team member changes can be challenging for organizations, as they need to quickly provide and reset development infrastructure for new members. This process can be time-consuming and burdensome, especially with constant changes. However, leveraging a Developer-as-a-Service DFlare platform simplifies and streamlines the entire process.

With a DFlare, assigning or removing user access to development infrastructure is effortless, requiring just a few clicks. No more manual setup and configuration for each team member. DFlare takes care of provisioning and de-provisioning resources seamlessly.

Streamline Onboarding with Efficient Resource Management

With DFlare, onboarding new team members becomes a breeze. Simply assign them the required applications and frameworks, enabling them to start working immediately, without the hassle of time-consuming infrastructure setup. Likewise, when a team member leaves or changes roles, their access can be quickly revoked through the platform. This ensures effective resource management and maintains a high level of security.

Simplify Collaboration with Freelancers using DFlare

Collaborating with freelancers can be challenging, particularly when it comes to code sharing. The DFlare platform helps organizations streamline collaboration, addressing issues such as version control, security risks, and communication delays. With controlled access to securely hosted code, freelancers can seamlessly contribute to projects while maintaining data integrity and security. DFlare simplifies infrastructure management, enabling organizations to prioritize productivity and collaboration. Start developing with minimal setup time and costs.

Maximize Workstation Capability, Minimize Costs with DFlare

DFlare DAAS platform enables accessing high-end workstations at a fraction of the cost. Developers can leverage virtual workstations hosted on powerful servers or cloud infrastructure, equipped with robust processing power, ample memory, and advanced graphics. This eliminates the need for expensive hardware investments.

By utilizing DFlare’s shared infrastructure, organizations significantly reduce costs and optimize resource allocation. The platform offers scalability, allowing easy adjustment of computing resources to handle fluctuating workloads. With DFlare, organizations can access powerful workstations efficiently and cost-effectively.